Headshots & Portraits

Let’s be honest, not too many people love having their portrait taken.
Coffee or tea, a few biscuits and a bit of silliness are provided with every session
to help you forget you really don’t want to do this.


Acting Headshots:

We love a Blue Steel gaze but to make a career in the tough scene of acting, you need a striking headshot that’s not lying about who you are while making you look good
(of course you are).
Before clicking away, we’ll have a chat about life and why some people hate Shakespeare - then we’ll try different backgrounds, styles and make it work. The goal is to have us both leaving happy with the result, so relax and enjoy the flash. (we can’t all write good lines. sorry)

starting from £130 (3 photos - 1 hour shoot)


LinkedIn Headshots:

Ready to change jobs, looking for one or setting up your company? A smile and a bit of attitude can get you a long way when your CV shows up on that recruiter’ screen. Bring two sets of clothing if you want, or keep that nice suit on two pictures - in any case you’ll get to choose two photos so you can change your photo depending on your liking, to illustrate your Linkedin profile, your website or your resumé.

If you’re a company and need headshots for your whole team, give me a shout and let’s work something out!

2 photos - 45 minutes shoot: £115


Creative portrait: starting from £250

Want to take a snap of that lovely face of yours and hang it in your living room to showcase your VaVaVoom? Let’s talk about what you want - natural look, some crazy lightning, in your house, in my studio or in a top secret place you’ve go the keys for…
I am happy to help you research the vibe you’re going for, and settle for the option that will suit your personality and taste. Some will call it a Vanity project, but to hell with grumpy spirits, you’ve got to work it while you have it!

Get in touch to discuss the options!